Shar Gaden Library came to life very soon after the monastery was founded and it is located underneath the new assembly hall. It is also a non-profit organization, like the clinic association. The main aims and objectives of the library are to preserve and promote Pure Buddha Dharma, the uncommon monastic education and traditions and to fulfill the hard-working students’ wishes by producing necessary holy texts of Buddha Shakyamuni, as well as commentaries of highly realized Buddhist masters of India and Tibet, especially Panchen Sonam Drakpa, the unrivaled scholar of his time, who is the composer of our monastic syllabus texts and many more. Currently the association is managed by the Shar Gaden Education Department, along with seven members of staff, who are highly capable in terms of computer and other related technologies. It plays a significant role during Shar Gaden School’s yearly and monthly examinations, where all the question papers, booklets, etc are designed and produced by the library with strong involvement of the director of the association. The printing press machine is not available presently, therefore we type, design, etc and take the documents to be printed elsewhere. Since it has a great role to play in terms of development of education and production of better facilities for the students, it has been given the highest priority on the monatery’s agenda so far.

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