Donations and Support

Since the founding of Shar Gaden Monastery in February of 2008, our monk population has almost doubled. We remain fully committed to meeting the needs of our monks living and studying here. However, this is a huge task so we humbly ask for your kind support.


Our continued aim is to provide the highest standard of monastic and educational training according to the founder of our tradition, Master Je Tsongkhpa. With your help, we can ensure that our monastery is always able to meet this aim. 


One way to show your support is to sponsor a meal for our monks. Providing our community with a nutritious meal will not only help the monks, but will also give you the satisfaction that you are assisting in sustaining this precious religious and cultural tradition.


  • Make a one-time donation to the food fund – any amount.
  • Sponsor a meal or an entire day’s food as an offering to our community.
  • Sponsor a meal on a holy day or in dedication of a loved one.

Costs of meals for the entire community:

-Basic breakfast of bread and warm tea = 9,000 Rupees ($150)

-Breakfast with bread, butter, jam and warm tea = 11,950 Rupees ($195)

-Basic lunch of bread, cooked vegetables and tea = 19,800 Rupees ($325)

-Basic dinner of rice, cooked vegetables, bread and tea = 27,500 Rupees ($450)

-Whole day’s basic food = 56,300 Rupees ($925)

-Whole day’s special food: breakfast of bread, butter, jam and tea; lunch of rice, cooked vegetables, bread, fresh fruit, yogurt and tea; dinner of friend rice, cooked vegetables, fresh fruit, bread, yogurt and tea = 70,000 Rupees ($1150)

All sponsor names will be added to the daily prayer dedication list.

Thank you all very much for your kindness to our monastic community.