Shar Gaden Administrative Office has seven administrators (chakzoe) who are elected for terms of three years by the General Board Members and resident monks of Shar Gaden. The chief administrator and six colleagues are responsible for general administration. The rest of other departments have their own management appointed by the current administrators in  accordance with the outcome of the annual election conducted by the resident members of the monastery.

The administration seeks financial support to keep the monastic college stable and to provide daily sustenance for monks, as well as to enlarge all of the monastic educational fields. They also have some other significant duties which include: to summon weekly, monthly and annual meetings in the presence of Ven. abbot, Ven. disciplinarian, Ven chant-master (uchoesum) and other members of affiliated offices and administering entire affiliated departments and receiving esteemed guests at the monastery.

Unlike other institutions, we do not receive any funds from any governmental body. The contributions of our respected benefactors and the funds raised by Shar Gaden Monks Tour Program are the mainstay of our economic status.