His Holiness Gaden Trisur Rinpoche Lungrik Namgyal

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His Holiness Gaden Trisur Lungrik Namgyal Rinpochethe 101st Ganden Tripa, was born in 1927 in the Dawa region of Eastern Tibet. At the age of 8 years old, His Holiness joined the local monastery in Yangding and was consequentialy ordained as a monk.

Later His Holiness entered Gaden Shartse Norling College. While a student there Rinpoche studied Pramana Vidya (Logic), Prajnaparamita (Perfection of Wisdom), Madhyamika (Middle Way Philosophy), under the guidance of various highly attained Masters, and also received many precious teachings and empowerments of the pure Ganden lineage.

During the Chinese revolution in 1959, Rinpoche escaped to India. Arriving at ‘Ba Se’ along the border of India and Bhutan, he continued his studies and completed the Madhyamika (Middle Way Philosophy), Abhidharma (Treasury of Knowledge), and Vinaya (Spiritual Rules and Moral Law). Apart from the normal course of studies, Rinpoche often went for meditation retreats. In 1969, Rinpoche revised through the five major treaties of Buddhist philosophy and participated in the final exam at a renowned local Tibetan University, graduating in the 1st position of honor.

In 1970, a major debate exam which lasted over a period of 20 days was held. Candidates included over 30 outstanding scholars from the 3 great monasteries and other universities. Rinpoche still managed to emerge on top and the title of Geshe Lharampa was officially conferred upon him. Consequently, Rinpoche joined the Gyuto Tantric University and focused on intensive study of the Tantras.

In 1983 and 1992, the Dalai Lama appointed Rinpoche as the abbot of Gyuto Tantric University and abbot of Gaden Shartse Norling Monastery respectively. During the years of Rinpoche’s abbotship, apart from supervising the administration and discipline of the Sangha, he also conducted various pujas and teachings personally. Rinpoche’s contribution towards the monastery is widely recognised, and deeply respected by all. In 1986, these remarkable qualities inspired the Dalai Lama to choose him as the representative of Buddhism in Ecumenical Encounters of Assisi interfaith meetings convened on the initiative of Pope John Paul II in Italy.

In 1995, Rinpoche was bestowed the honorary rank of Shartse Choje (2nd rank among dignitaries of the Gelug tradition). After 6 years in that position, on January 20, 2003, the Dalai Lama, during his Kalachakra Empowerment in Bodhgaya, announced the appointment of Venerable Lungrik Namgyal as the 101 Gaden Tripa – the supreme head of the Gelug tradition, and literally, the Holder of the Throne of Tushita.

Rinpoche is one of the most qualified Buddhist teachers alive today – being highly trained in both fields of Sutra and Tantra. Rinpoche has dedicated his whole lifetime to the propagation of the Buddhadharma, and has been tirelessly visiting many parts of the world to spread the Teachings. Countries which Rinpoche has visited include – France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, America, China, and Singapore. His Holiness Trisur Rinpoche currently lives in Paris, where he transmits precious Buddhist teachings of his lineage in Thar Due Ling Dharma center in Chelles, France which he founded in 1980.